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LAC decides 'deemed' employer status
The LAC in NUMSA v Assign Services and Others settles the debate over interpreting s198A(3)(b)(i), which provides that a labour broker's employee is deemed the client's employee when not employed in a 'temporary service'.   [Read more]

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Who is an employee in the gig economy?
The recent CCMA case of Uber SA v NUPSAW & SATAWU obo others dealt with whether Uber drivers were employees or independent contractors.
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How long must you wait for a late arbitrator?
The LAC in Bloem Water Board v Nthako NO and Others considered whether parties were justified in leaving when the arbitrator was over 45 minutes late.
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You snooze, you lose
NUMSA & Others v Paint and Ladders (LAC) rejected the union's case on the basis that it had not pursued its unfair dismissal claim timeously.
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