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Remedying the situation when everything goes wrong
The LAC in IDWU obo Linda & Others v Super Group outlines how to review a matter when there is no record of proceedings, and reminds us of factors to consider in deciding sanction.   [Read more]

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The final word - proving a breakdown in the trust relationship?
The LAC in Impala Platinum v Jansen & others made its strongest statement on whether its necessary to lead evidence to prove a breakdown in the trust relationship.
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Automatic termination of employment contract - part 1
Enforce Security Group v Mwelase & Others (LAC) found there was no dismissal when fixed term contracts ended due to the service contract with the client ending.
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Automatic termination of employment contract - part 2
AMCU & Others v Piet Wes Civils (LC) found there was a dismissal when an employer terminated fixed term contracts because a client terminated its service contract.
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Worklaw founders Bruce & Alan possess over 60 years of labour law experience between them.

Bruce Robertson (B Comm LLB LLM) is an attorney with over twenty five years experience in labour relations and the dispute resolution fields. He is well known as a mediator, arbitrator, and trainer, having been a part time senior commissioner with the CCMA for many years and a member of the conciliation and arbitration panels of a number of bargaining councils. Bruce was contracted by the International Labour Office (ILO) to assist in implementing labour arbitration in a number of Southern African countries. This required reviewing their legislation, drafting the required codes of good practice, and training their arbitrators. Most of his time is now spent managing and editing Worklaw.


Alan Rycroft (BA LLB LLM) is Professor of Commercial Law at the University of Cape Town. He is an admitted attorney with extensive experience in the labour law field. He is a part time senior commissioner with the CCMA and has been mediating and arbitrating labour disputes for over twenty years. From 1995 to 2000 he was Dean of the Faculty of Law at the University of Natal. Alan has published extensively in the labour law field and is the author / co-author of “A Guide to South African Labour Law”,”Mediation : Principles, Process and Practice”, “Trade Unions and the Law in South Africa” and “Harassment in the Workplace”

“We've created a service that changes the way people and companies access legal advice at the workplace.”
– Bruce Robertson, Worklaw founder


Established in 2003, Worklaw has become a leading labour law information and advice service in South Africa. Developed by some of South Africa`s most experienced labour relations practitioners, Worklaw empowers organizations, giving them what they need to manage labour relations effectively. Many of South Africa's top companies and government departments have been using Worklaw's services for over 10 years - we have a proven track record of providing a highly effective service.

“We find Worklaw to be professional, responsive and very pro-active in their approach…..
their user-friendly website minimizes the need to seek legal counsel on all matters.”
Thuli Tabudi, Spar
“Worklaw is not only the industry leader,
but it is so far ahead, that it has no comparator”
Andrew Levy, Labour Economist
“The best part of this invaluable support tool, is the extremely prompt response time with practical advice – setting out the law within the context of the realities of Industrial Relations dynamics.”
Barry Lane, Tongaat Hulett Sugar
“An insightful product which I use regularly and have found to be a great help in my management of HR.”
Ed Besson, TCI Apparel

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