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Contempt - not complying with arbitration awards
Two recent Labour Court judgments highlight the dangers of not complying with arbitration awards and the prospects of the frustrated 'winner' succeeding in instituting contempt proceedings.
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Duress setting aside contract
The LC in Beyer & Others v Alleyroads Construction highlighted 5 key elements that are required for a contract to be set aside due to duress.
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Retirement or retrenchment?
In Seokwane v Bidvest Prestige Cleaning Services the key issue was whether an employee who had worked past retirement age, was being dismissed due to retirement or retrenchment?
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Unequal wages - arbitrary discrimination?
In AMCU obo Members v Aberdare Cables the LC had to decide if using a later employment starting date as the reason for paying lower wages, was unfair discrimination on an arbitrary ground.
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Latest cases on strike law
Alan Rycroft's article discusses two recent judgments on different aspects of strike law, namely which courts have jusrisdiction when a political party seeks to disrupt an employer's business, and whether employees' conduct constituted 'common purpose'
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