By Prof. Alan Rycroft

Professor Alan Rycroft is Emeritus Professor of Commercial Law at the University of Cape Town and is the author and co-author of several books and many articles on labour law and alternative dispute resolution. Alan is one of Worklaw's primary authors.


1.   The concept of equality

2.   The basis for non-discrimination in SA law

3.   South African legislation

4.   Fair and Unfair discrimination

5.   Direct and indirect discrimination

6.   Equal pay for equal work

7.   Race, ethnic or social origin, colour, culture, and language

8.   Sex and gender

9.   Pregnancy

10.   Marital status / family responsibility

11.   Sexual orientation

12.   Age

13.   Disability

14.   Religion

15.   Conscience, belief, political opinion

16.   HIV status

17.   Harassment

18.   Discrimination on unlisted or arbitrary grounds

19.   Defences to allegations of unfair discrimination

20.   The promotion of equality : affirmative action

21.   Remedies