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Double jeopardy - when is it fair to rehear a case?
The LAC in Mahlakoane v South African Revenue Service had to consider whether, if new evidence comes to light after a hearing, is it unfair to reconvene another hearing?
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Conciliation before adjudication
The ConCourt in September & Others v CMI Business Enterprise found that a CCMA commissioner is not bound by a party's description of the dispute and has the power to identify its true nature.
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Changing the culture of union-management meetings
In his article, Prof Alan Rycroft discusses strategies to change the culture of union management meetings on the back of the new draft Collective Bargaining Code.
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Must a protected disclosure be factually accurate?
The LAC in John v Afrox Oxygen had to consider whether a person's 'reasonable belief' of something was sufficient for it to qualify as a protected disclosure.
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Discrimination on an arbitrary ground
Sethole and Others v Dr Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality (LC) provides guidance on how to prove unfair discrimination on arbitrary grounds
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