Urgent Newsflash


Coronavirus: impact on the workplace

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has the potential to have a major impact on the workplace. With the first case in SA having been confirmed, Worklaw subscribers need to consider how they should respond to this pandemic. Whilst Worklaw is not in a position to provide expert medico-legal advice, we have attempted to suggest practical solutions to situations we think our subscribers may encounter.

We are aware that any suggestions may quickly become obsolete, given the extent to which the situation may change very rapidly, but we have raised 9 key questions below which we suggest subscribers may at this stage need to consider. Click below on the questions to see Worklaw's suggestions on how to deal with these issues.

Q1.   What should happen if an employee displays coronavirus symptoms?

Q2.   Can an employer test for coronavirus? How is this done?

Q3.   What must the employer do if someone with coronavirus symptoms comes to work?

Q4.   How should the employer respond if (non-infected) employees do not want to come to work?

Q5.   What if an employer does need to close the workplace?

Q6.   Must the employer pay sick pay?

Q7.   Must the employer pay if someone has to go into self-isolation?

Q8.   What if an employee needs time off work to look after someone affected by the coronavirus?

Q9.   What proactive steps should all employers be taking right now?