Important Copyright Notice: This training material is owned by Worklaw and may only be used by current subscribers to Worklaw within their organizations. Any unauthorized use of this material, including its use in training provided on a commercial basis, will constitute an infringement of copyright.

This training workshop develops the skills to chair a disciplinary enquiry or to represent an employer or an employee at an enquiry. The material complies with the requirements of the unit standards "To Institute Disciplinary Action" (No. 10984) and "To Conduct a Disciplinary Hearing" (No. 10985). The material is provided in the form of a delegates' manual and a trainer's manual. Persons attending the workshop should each have the delegates' manual, and only the trainer should have both the delegates' manual and the trainer's manual. The trainer's manual gives clear instructions about conducting the workshop.

The material is provided in 4 modules. These may be trained independently (4 modules of approximately 4 1/2 hours each) or consecutively in 1 training workshop over 2 1/2 days. The trainer's manual explains how these work.

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1. Fair Disciplinary Action: the Law
2. Obtaining and Assessing Evidence
3. Preparing for a Disciplinary Enquiry
4. Conducting a Disciplinary Enquiry (Roleplay)