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Learnings from Lamberti
The High Court in Chowan v AMH & Others recently awarded an employee damages against AMH, Imperial and CEO Mark Lamberti. It's important to reflect on these events and learn from them.
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Can a retirement policy be unfair discrimination?
The employee in Khan v MMI Holdings alleged that he had been forced to retire. He claimed R55 million for damages from breach of contract and unfair discrimination.
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Consequences of ignoring court orders
Prof Alan Rycroft discusses two recent cases which shed light on the sanction of contempt for ignoring court orders - increasingly a feature of the labour relations landscape.
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Expanding the definition of demotion
The employee claimed that he was unfairly demoted because he had, since employment, been remunerated at a lower level. The LC in Xoli v CCMA & Others considered whether this was a demotion.
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