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Discipline after resignation revisited
The LC in Coetzee v Zeitz Mocaa Foundation Trust & Another has corrected confusion created by a previous LC judgment over an employee's right to resign with 'immediate effect'.
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Labour Laws Amendment Act confusion
Contrary to public perception this Act, which has been passed by Parliament and provides for parental leave in a more gender neutral manner, has not yet been fully implemented.
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Construction mafia: an employer response
Prof Alan Rycroft discusses an appropriate employer response to the worrying trend of the so-called "construction mafia" arriving at a building site and demanding work for its members.
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Interpreting a collective agreement
The LC in Civil & Power Generation Projects v CCMA & Others highlights key principles to be applied when interpreting the terms of a collective agreement.
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Private arbitration vs CCMA
Naidoo v Liberty Holdings (LC) considers whether an employee bound to private arbitration in his employment contract, is precluded from referring a dispute to the CCMA.
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Testing positive for dagga
The CCMA award in Mthembu & others / NCT Durban Wood Chips considers the effect of employees testing positive for cannabis in light of the ConCourt saying private use is legal.
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