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Assessing performance during probation
The LAC in Naidoo Ubuntu Education Fund v Paulsen clarified how a lower standard of substantive fairness for probationary employees should be applied.
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Dismissal for ill-health - reciprocal duties
Parexel International v Chakane & Others (LAC) shows that there are obligations on both the employer and the employee in dealing with a case of incapacity ill health.
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Traditional healer certificates update
Whilst the Traditional Health Practitioners Act has been passed and an interim council established, there has been little progress in the registration of traditional healers.
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Sanction in excess of the code
The LAC in Mushi v EXXARO Coal considered the fairness of an employer imposing a heavier sanction than that recommended in its code.
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Need to prove trust has been broken?
The LAC in Autozone v Dispute Resolution Centre of Motor Industry has again considered the need to lead evidence to show a breakdown in the trust relationship.
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