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Labour law update
There have been many changes to our labour laws that came into effect on 1 January, with amendments to the BCEA & LRA, and new regulations, codes and guidelines.
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Latest labour law news…

Is hearsay evidence admissible?
The LC in Taku v Sekhanisa & Others had to decide the fairness of a dismissal of a SAA employee based on complaints from a member of the public who did not give evidence.
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New CCMA Rules
Prof Alan Rycroft discusses the significant changes resulting from the new CCMA Rules that came into effect on 1 January 2019, with little or no publicity.
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Discrimination and retirement
The LAC in Joffe t/a J Air v CCMA & Others had to decide whether the forced retirement of a pilot when he reached 60 years of age, constituted unfair discrimination.
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Overturning dismissals on appeal
A SAPS employee's dismissal was overturned on appeal. The employer sought to review the appeal body's decision in the LC. When this failed, they appealed to the LAC in National Commissioner of SAPS & Another v Mphalele N.O.
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