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2018 labour law amendments
The National Minimum Wage Act will come into effect on 1 January 2019 and significant amendments to the LRA, BCEA and other labour law statutes have finally been gazetted.
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Political parties taking over a union's role
The LC in Calgan Lounge v NUFAWSA & Others deals with a situation in which a political party takes over a union's role in raising workplace grievances with the employer.
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Justifying job requirements
Prof Alan Rycroft analyses what the cases have to say about the setting of employment criteria for recruitment, and whether there are any limits to managerial prerogative on that.
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Remedies for unsafe workplaces?
PSA obo Members v Minister of Health & Others looks at whether the LC has jurisdiction, as a court of first instance, to order an employer to comply with health and safety legislation.
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When do awards prescribe?
The LC in Xoloani & Others v Mhoko's Waste & Security Services had to decide whether, on the facts of that case, the arbitration award was no longer enforceable as it had prescribed.
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