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Need for a fair procedure before suspending?
The ConCourt has ruled in Long v SA Breweries that for a precautionary suspension on full pay, there is no need to allow an employee to make representations before being suspended.
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Alleging racism
The LAC in Legal Aid SA v Mayisela & Others held that unjustified allegations of racism against a superior in the workplace can have very serious consequences.
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Refusing to re-employ ex employees
Prof Alan Rycroft considers the fairness of an employer refusing to employ someone because they are an ex-employee, in the light of the recent LC judgment in Mkoko v NHRBC
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Overturning an award
The LAC's approach in DRS Dietrich, Voigt & MIA v Bennet & Others shows how difficult it can be to have an arbitration award overturned on review.
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Technicalities in claiming backpay
Mhlupheki Willem Kubeka & Others v Ni-Da Transport highlights the right and wrong way for employees to claim arrear wages, following a reinstatement order in their favour.
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