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Sexual harassment: silence not consent
The LC in Rustenburg Platinum Mines v UASA obo Pietersen & others sends a strong message that a 'docile' response to sexual harassment should not be interpreted as consent.
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Labour broking: who is the employer?
In a long awaited judgment in Assign Services v Numsa & Others, the ConCourt held that for the first 3 months the TES is the employer and thereafter the client is the sole employer.
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Doubts about Derivative Misconduct
Prof Alan Rycroft discusses the case of NUMSA obo Nganezi & others v Dunlop (LAC) that expresses uneasiness about how derivative misconduct has been applied.
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Misconduct is not the same as a crime
The LAC in Nel v CETA & Others highlights the dangers of laying disciplinary charges in the form of a criminal offence and in 'splitting' charges unnecessarily.
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Claiming remuneration after reinstatement
Bopape v Mintek SOC Ltd deals with how an employee claims remuneration for the period from when reinstatement was ordered to the date when reinstatement actually takes place.
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