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Discipline after resignation revisited
The LC in Coetzee v Zeitz Mocaa Foundation Trust & Another has corrected confusion created by a previous LC judgment over an employee's right to resign with 'immediate effect'.
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When an arbitrator misreads the dispute
The LAC in Mashigo v SAPS & others found that the arbitrator had failed to understand the nature of the dispute he had to arbitrate in assessing the employee's criminal conduct.
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Limits to employees' freedom of expression
Prof Alan Rycroft discusses appropriate limits on employees' rights to speak their mind, and where the cases have drawn a line on what is acceptable.
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When is 'insourcing' a section 197 transfer?
The LAC in Imvula Quality Protection & Others v UNISA sheds more light on what constitutes a 'transfer as a going concern' under s197 of the LRA.
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Does expiry of a service contract lead to dismissal?
The LAC in Piet Wes Civils v AMCU & Others considers whether the termination of fixed term contracts linked to a client's service agreement, is a dismissal.
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