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Cannabis testing - a need to re-evaluate policies?
The LAC in Enever v Barloworld Equipment found that a positive cannabis test does not on its own indicate whether the employee is impaired from carrying out their duties, and a blood test, without proof of impairment, violates an employee's privacy.
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Wrong findings reviewable?
The arbitrator in Maruleng Local Municipality v CCMA made some wrong findings, but the Labour Court agreed with the outcome. The Court had to decide if the award was reviewable.
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Damages from a protected strike?
In SACCAWU v Massmart Holdings the LAC had to decide if the Labour Court has jurisdiction to award damages caused by employees during a protected strike.
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Affirmative action: barriers to employment
In Solidarity obo Erasmus v Eskom the court had to decide if excluding white applicants in the short-listing stage creates an "absolute barrier" to employment, as prohibited in the EEA.
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Is a union bound by its constitution?
We discuss 2 recent judgments which had to consider the extent to which a trade union is bound by its certificate of registration and constitution.
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