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Sexual harassment: silence not consent
The LC in Rustenburg Platinum Mines v UASA obo Pietersen & others sends a strong message that a 'docile' response to sexual harassment should not be interpreted as consent.
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Overlapping misconduct and disability
Jansen v Legal Aid SA (LC) deals with how to treat the situation of an employee being dismissed for misconduct arising from behaviour resulting from a mental disability.
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Challenges in managing absenteeism
Prof Alan Rycroft analyses the cases dealing with situations in which employees have exceeded their statutory sick leave entitlements, and suggests a strategy to manage this.
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Incapacity arising from repeated absenteeism
Whilst the employees were capable of working, the LC in General Motors v Numsa & Others had to consider whether repeated absenteeism was grounds for an incapacity dismissal.
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When are arbitrators' errors reviewable?
WBHO Civil Construction v Hlatshwayo & Others (LC) considered whether errors by an arbitrator, which had no material impact on the outcome on the case, were reviewable.
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