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Resigned to resignations
Naidoo & Another v Standard Bank has overruled a previous LC decision on the effect of an employee resigning 'with immediate effect', and whether the employer can institute discipline during the notice period.
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Can a retrenchment be automatically unfair?
The LAC in NUMSA & Another v Aveng Trident Steel had to decide whether a retrenchment for refusing to accept changed working conditions was an automatically unfair dismissal.
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When is reinstatement for unfair dismissal not required?
Prof Alan Rycroft discusses how the courts have dealt with the specified exceptions to the rule under s193(2) of the LRA that unfairly dismissed employees must be reinstated.
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Weapons and Picketing
The LAC in Pailprint v Lyster & Others had to decide whether employees carrying weapons whilst picketing, was grounds for dismissal.
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Unions recruiting members outside their constitution
Lufil Packaging v CCMA & Others (LAC) considered whether a union is entitled to organisational rights when the members recruited are not covered by its constitution.
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