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Criminal record a basis for refusing employment?
The LC in O'Connor v Lexisnexis had to decide whether the employer's actions in withdrawing an offer of employment, once it discovered that the applicant had a criminal record, constituted discrimination on an arbitrary ground.
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Cause of retrenchment disputed
In Coca-Cola Beverages v Competition Commission the Constitutional Court had to decide if retrenchments resulted from a merger (in which case they would have been prohibited) or due to other operational factors.
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Fiduciary responsibility to disclose profits
In RFS Administrator v Samons & Others the LAC considered what defences an employee can raise if fiduciary duties have allegedly been breached.
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Deciding on conflicting evidence
In Workforce Staffing v Mjoli & Another the LAC outlined the process a decision-maker must use to balance two contradictory versions, in order to arrive at the truth.
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Charging an employee with being an accomplice
The LC in Hollywood Sportsbrook v CCMA accepted that the criminal law concept of an "accomplice" can be used to discipline an employee who does not report another employee's wrongdoing.
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